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You will be aware that it has become increasingly more competitive to ensure your child obtains a place at the elite independent schools in the UK.

These schools have made their entrance papers more challenging in order to distinguish between the hundreds of children who sit them each year at each school.

Most primary schools and even many prep schools will not have the maths specialists at KS 2 to cope with the difficulty of questions set on these papers.

We focus purely on the questions that are in this gap and will set your child apart from everybody else.

Which Schools does this site prepare for?

Completion of this course will ensure your child begins Key Stage 3 at the front of the class at any school. We have looked at the most competitive papers to focus on from the following:

Manchester Grammar, Haberdasher Aske's, St. Paul's Girls, Hampton School, King's College Wimbledon, Godolphin and Latymer, Dulwich College, Sevenoaks and North London Collegiate to name a few.

The Benefits of the Tutorial Videos

The preparation for the 11+ Maths can be overwhelming for children who have to absorb lots of information quickly. One exam question can take an entire school lesson to learn. However, all that hard work can be wasted if not revisited soon after, which was not always possible in the run up to the exams. To solve this problem, I initially set up a 'YouTube' channel to help my students refresh their knowledge at home whenever they needed to. The positive feedback I received inspired the creation of this course.

Each video lasts around 5 minutes on average. They are purposely kept to this time to be accessible and not overwhelming. This length of video can be watched multiple times as part of their revision. I've tried to keep the videos light-hearted with a little sprinkling of 'dad-humour' in places.

Purposeful Practice

Your child will progress quickly if they can apply the knowledge gained from the tutorial video by answering the questins below each one. These are designed to reinforce their understanding and provide confidence and not create confusion. Each question will follow the tutorial video closely.

Interactive Past Papers

Choose from a range of school-specific past papers to practise with. Receive immediate results to track your own progress.

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